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Before we get started I just wanted to thank you for joining our team. You truly are an irreplaceable cog within our sultry apparatus of freedom

Here at 17 Bowls there are a few facets of life that we hold close to our hearts.

Characteristics such as Respect, and a good sense for The art of music. We believe that every tough blow can be softened with a blunt, but most of all…

We believe in Televised Fight to the Death for Money. 


During todays training course I will walk you through exactly what Televised Fight to the Death for Money is. What to expect. And most of all, how everyone can benefit from mutual combat


So, what is Televised Fight to the Death for Money? It’s a simple process that we have broken down into 4 steps. 


The first step is the proposal.

Fighter A approaches fighter B with an offer they cannot refuse. Normally this offer sounds something like “I will pay you X amount  of dollars to 

Participate in televised fight to the death for money with me.” If fighter B accepts the proposal then we move on to mediation. If fighter B denies the proposal then they’re obviously a scared bitch who is not worth your time. 


Let’s move onto the mediation 


During mediation we will provide each fighter with a TFDM certified negotiator. Our negotiators are trained to open up pathways of communication between the fighters to better help them compromise on Weaponry, Armor, Terrain, Range, and perks.

Our negotiators main objective is to draw this process out for atleast 1 hour. We are optimistic that if both fighters are contained in a calm environment with open communication that they will come to the agreement that a fight to the death isn’t necessary and all they really needed was to talk it out. If this conclusion is not reached then we move on to step 3. The Fight.



It is our promise to the fighters that the arena will match the standards setup in mediation. For example; if our fighters agreed on a sword fight, with no armor, in the desert, starting 40 feet away from each other, while high on Crack. We make sure the arena, weaponry, armor and perks are provided properly. 


2 people enter. 1 person leaves.


Which leads us to step 4. The victor.


If fighter A wins the fight, they get to keep their money. They will also get a set of TFDM Champion brass knuckles as a trophy.


If Fighter B wins the fight, they get the Cash prize, as well as a set of TFDM Champion brass knuckles as a trophy.


In today’s society there is too much dumbass bullshit going on. People hiding behind their screens, hiding behind laws. Laws that allow them to cause pain with minimal repercussion. Together we can end it. We can restore honor to the common man who has to bite his tongue and restrain his clenched fist to the shit talkin' egotistical pussies who infect our world. Either they accept your challenge, or they deny it and you know they’re a little bitch who isn’t worth your time. Now is our time. Support TFDM today. 

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