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The Homies!

There's so many Doughp Mutha fuckas that be doin they thang in the Underground, and these mutha fuckas right here hold a special place in my heart! Check out their music! I promise it'll make you feel some sort of way.

Stir Crazy

Legend says he uses a spoon just like everyone else... but I know he stirs crazier than that 😎 I can't Imagine the underground would revolve the same without Stir Crazy. I know for damn sure the world wouldn't have the Doughpey they know today if it wasn't for this homies guidance. Stir Crazy made the beats for all of my Major Collabs including; The Grind, RPMB, Tell 'Em All, Rap Shit, and so many more! Make sure to check out his Bandcamp!


Illtemper is the living embodiment of Horrorcore. His music will infect you with a disease that won't have a name for another 87 years. He is also one half of the ultimate Horrorcore Duo 'Even Heathens'. The other half of the duo being none other than Lord Vader himself, King Gordy!

Noah Fence

Noah has more soul than Pixar. This dudes got pain that will echo through your brain and sustain to engrave your disdain with a lane to reframe your waves.

Check 'em Out! 


N3kr0t!k is a disgusting beast from the underground that will help me fuck your dad! The only thing keeping your fathers sweet and savory hole from our unholy whole cocks is you bumping his music!  so check it out!

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